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Terms of domain registration

Terms of domain registration

This document details the terms of domain registration at Dropped.pl.

Domain registration

By placing an order of a Polish domain catch or registration, the user agrees for registration and maintaining of their domains by one of the following companies:

  • Michau Enterprises Limited
  • First Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Second Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Third Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Fourth Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Fifth Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Sixth Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Seventh Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Eighth Dropcatchers, LLC
  • Ninth Dropcatchers, LLC

Domain name registration (including caught domains registration) means acceptance of NASK terms of registration and maintaining domain names, available under addresses:

The owner makes no guarantees about legal status of any particular domain available for purchase or registration. Users purchasing domain names bear the sole responsibility for any trademark infringement arising from using the domain.

Slovak domain registration

Due to restrictions of the SK-NIC registry, for all .sk domains registered and caught in the website, the owner data in the WHOIS database will be shown as Michau Enterprises s.r.o. located in Bratislava. This does not restrict any rights of the registering user to modify and manage the domain.

Transferring a .sk domain to another registrar requires filling the appropriate form available on the SK-NIC website. The website owner will sign this form when presented by the new registrar or domain owner, and after payment of the fee by the domain owner.

Payment for domains

Payments for domains must be made according to the dates specified on the "Domains to pay" list in user's account. Failing to pay within specified timeframe may result in not registering the domain.

Domains other than .pl and .sk cannot be reserved. Therefore, even though an offer to register these domains is made, it may not be fulfilled in the case another entity registers the domain before the user payment is reveived or the order is processed.

The user may deposit money to their account in advance. In this case, deposited money will be automatically used for paying for domain registration until it is used up. Account overpayment may be returned within 10 working days for a fee according to current price list.

Payment for preregistration services (reserved in advance), which the website system wasn't able to fulfill, will be returned to the user's domain registration account. Account overpayment may be used for domain registration, or returned to the user according to the rules described in this document.

The possibility of ordering a domain catch bidding in domain auctions may be dependent on paying an advance deposit, or on having a balance above particular amount. In case of not paying for the domain, that security deposit may be used by the website owner for covering user's debts. Required security deposit amount, as well as required user account balance is set individually, based on the history of operations on user account.

Overdue payments

The site owner can block the possibility to transfer out domains of a user, who is in arrears over 50 EUR for services rendered on the website.

Invoice generation

VAT invoices for services purchased at the website are generated once per month in an electronic form. The invoices contain a summary of all purchased services during given month. An attachment to the invoice contains a detailed listing of all purchased services.

Some services offered on the website are provided by website owner partner company, Domain Aftermarket LLC, located at 16192 Coastal Highway, 19958 Lewes, Delaware, USA. Users agree to receive invoices from this partner for services rendered by it.

VAT tax due from purchases made on the website will be covered by the website owner.

Free hosting

The site owner provides free hosting of 5 MB web space with no badwidth limits, to every domain registered on the site. The site owner will make any effor possible to maintain a good level  of hosting speed and accessibility; however, no guarantees are made as to availability of this service. The parameters (such as available space or bandwidth) of this service can be changed within one week's notice.

Using the free hosting service for unlawful purposes is forbidden. The site owner reserves the right to cancel hosting for any domain if it is found to be used for illegal or unethical purposes (such as phishing or copyright breach), as well as terminate any free hosting service within a month's notice.


Registering domains for phishing purposes is strictly prohibited. Users who use registered domains for phishing, password harvesting and similar unlawful purposes may have their domains suspended.